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Q:  What is a breast form?
A:  A breast form is an external breast prosthesis worn to restore your natural silhouette.  Traditional breast forms are worn inside the pocket of a post-mastectomy bra.  Attachable breast forms can adhere directly to the chest wall or can be worn inside a special pocketed bra, if needed.  Breast forms are available in many shapes, sizes and colours to mirror the natural contours of your own breast and are generally made from silicone.

Q:  When can I begin wearing a breast form?
A:  As soon as you receive permission from your physician, you can schedule an appointment for a fitting with a Certified Mastectomy fitter -- in most cases, about six to eight weeks following surgery.  You will need to bring a prescription from your physician for insurance purposes.

Q:  Why do I need to be custom fitted for a breast form and bra?
A:  Every woman's body and treatment protocol is different.  That's why there are many different breast form concepts, shapes and sizes to accommodate different body types, skin tones, breast shapes and surgeries -- from mastectomy to lumpectomy.  A Certified Mastectomy Fitter has been specially trained to help you choose a breast form that will help you regain symmetry and restore a positive body image.  The fitter will also measure you for a pocketed bra to hold your breast form in place and talk to you about the benefits of a properly fitting bra and breast form.

Q:  Will wearing a breast form restrict my activities?
A:  Not at all.  You play tennis, golf, run or participate in any sport you've always enjoyed.  You may want to increase your wardrope of breast forms to include an attachable breast form for extra confidence, a swim form for water activities or a leisure form for times when you're relaxing at home.

Q:  What is the expected lifetime of a silicone breast form?
A:  Skin oils can break down the outer layer of a breast form and shorten its useful life.  It is a good idea to clean your form with a special solution and store it in it's cradle in the evenings.

Q:  What is the expected lifetime of a silicone breast form?
A:  Most breast forms are warranted against manufacturer's defects for two years from the date of purchase.  The warranty does not cover damage tot eh form from punctures or from erosion to the outer layer due to perfume or lotions.  Premium breast forms may last longer than two years with proper care.  It is still a good idea to see a Certified Mastectomy Fitter yearly to have a fit assessment, as women's bodies change with age and weight.  Medicare guidelines state the useful lifetime expectancy of silicone breast forms as two years.  Non-silicone forms have an expected lifetime of six months.


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